Canada Energy Star Windows and Door Dealers and Installers


If you are looking for windows, doors and skylights that can help you save energy, money and the environment, you might want to consider buying ENERGY STAR certified products.

We have covered a bit about Canada Energy Star in Canada Energy Star Windows and Door Manufacturers before, ENERGY STAR is a trusted symbol that identifies products that meet strict technical specifications for energy performance. ENERGY STAR certified windows, doors and skylights are designed especially for the Canadian climate and can help you reduce your energy consumption.

We have also listed the Canada Energy Star Windows and Door Manufacturers. But where can you find these products? And who can install them properly and professionally?

That's where the ENERGY STAR Canada Dealers and Installers come in. These are stores, dealers and distributors that are helping Canadians become more energy-efficient by supplying ENERGY STAR certified products. These businesses may sell residential and/or commercial products, and some of them are also eligible for the annual ENERGY STAR Canada Awards.

Again, here we focus on the ENERGY STAR Canada participants that sell and/or install windows, doors and skylights.

Windows, Doors and Skylights Dealers and Installers in Canada

Canadian Government official website has a full name list of Windows, Doors and Skylights Dealers and Installers in Canada.

Those dealers and installers in Canada that are part of the ENERGY STAR Canada Participants program. Some of them are also part of the Window Wise Program, which is a quality assurance program that certifies contractors who have been trained and tested on installing windows according to industry standards. Contractors who are part of this program must offer a minimum 5 year guarantee on their installation and use only window models that are registered with ENERGY STAR Canada.

To buy and install Windows or Doors or Skylights, you can check that name list to hire a qualified contractor who has experience with installing ENERGY STAR certified products. You can look for contractors who are part of the Window Wise Program or ask the participant who sold you the products for recommendations or referrals.