Free Tax Software Certified by the Canadian Government for 2022


Every year, the Canadian government website lists some certified free or paid tax preparation software.

But we can see that there are fewer and fewer free tax software for the desktop or laptop computers, replaced by more and more free software based on mobile system including Android, iPhone or iPad, and online.

The free tax software certified by the Canadian Government for 2022

Software Tax Years Platform
TurboTax Free 2018-2022 Windows
GenuTax Standard 2017-2022 Windows
StudioTax 2019-2022 iPhone, iPad
StudioTax 2019-2022 Android
Wealthsimple Tax 2017-2022 iPhone, iPad
Wealthsimple Tax 2017-2022 Online
Wealthsimple Tax 2020-2022 Andriod
CloudTax Free 2018-2022 Andriod
CloudTax Free 2018-2022 iPhone, iPad
CloudTax Free 2018-2022 online
EachTax Free 2021-2022 online
TaxTron for Web 2018-2022 online

The Canada government official website page here.