University of Toronto Scarborough Computer Science 2022 Post Adminssion Requirement


University of Toronto Scarborough Computer Science 2022 Post Adminssion Requirement.

2021 Oct 04

UTSC 2022 Post Adminssion Requirement of Specialist and Major in Computer Science

For students in the Computer Science admission category:

You will be admitted to your choice of the Computer Science Major or the Software Engineering and Comprehensive streams of the Computer Science Specialist if you achieve all of the following grades:

  1. A grade point average of at least 2.5 across the following five courses: CSC/MAT A67, CSC A48, MAT A22, MAT A31, MAT A37.
  2. A grade of at least B in CSC A48.
  3. A grade of at least C- in two of CSC/MAT A67, MAT A22, MAT A37.

These requirements are designed to demonstrate that you have the background and aptitude to succeed in our upper year courses. We anticipate that most of the students in the CS admission category will meet them.

There are a limited number of spaces in the Information Systems stream and the Entrepreneurship stream of the Computer Science Specialist. Admission to those will be based on grades in the required A-level courses, and for the Entrepreneurship stream, supplemental application materials.

Retaking courses: Each of CSC/MAT A67, CSCA48, MATA22, MATA37 may be retaken once for the purpose of meeting these requirements. If you do so, then we will consider the higher grade on the two attempts. If you withdraw from a course before the deadline to withdraw without academic penalty then it does not count as an attempt. If you pass MATA31 then you cannot retake it for the purpose of meeting these requirements; we will only consider your first passing grade for this course.

About more details please check online PDF file