UofT Meal Plan Carry Over Amounts 2022-2023


In the University of Toronto, some meal plan amount might be eligible for Carry Over to the following year. But the 3 campuses have different policies.

Campus Plan Basic Carry Over Amount Flex Carry Over Amount
St. George Plan A Not Confirmed (all remaining or $5,415?) Not Confirmed ($100?)
St. George Plan B Not Confirmed (all remainnig or $5,620?) Not Confirmed ($100?)
Mississauga Plus $1,900 All remaining Flex (max = $500)
Mississauga Full $1,425 All remaining Flex (max = $500)
Mississauga Light $475 All remaining Flex (max = $500)
Mississauga Minimum 250/500 Not eligible for Basic Carry Over All remaining Flex (max = $500)
Scarborough 7-day All You Care to Eat Not applicable Not applicable
Scarborough 5-day All You Care to Eat Not applicable Not applicable

For example, in the Mississauga campus, if a student has the Full type meal plan, he can carry over $1425 + all remainling Flex amount to the next year (The max flex amount = $500 in UTM).

(By www.Canada123.net)