What are JOINid and UTORid of University of Toronto


There are two well-known IDs in University of Toronto: JOINid and UTORid.

What is JOINid of University of Toronto?

The JOINid is an ID that is for UofT applicants. An UofT applicant can use JOINid to log into limited websites, including: join.utoronto.ca and myres.utoronto.ca.

The most common use of Joinid is to use it to check the status of applications to UofT and the status of applications to UofT Residence.

What is UTORid of University of Toronto?

The UTORid is an ID for current or recent UofT students. It is the permanent UofT credential issued to students, faculty, and staff for accessing more UofT services and resources.

The UTORid can acccess services and resources include UTmail+, Course Quercus, ACORN, library resources, Microsoft365, UofT compus Wifi etc.

What is the difference between a JOINid and a UTORid?

The JOINid is for new applicants to UofT. The UTORid is for current or recent UofT students. A student must convert the JOINid to UTORid when the first term is started at UofT.

The JOINid and the UTORid are actually the same, but the UTORid is managed by UofT TCard office. An UTORid will not be available until you applied and your information gets verification with the TCard office.

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Note: You should activate your UTORid before the start of classes!